Anne Lewis makes documentary films about social action, human rights, labor, environmental justice, and cultural democracy.


a strike and an uprising (in texas) A Strike and an Uprising (in Texas) is nearing completion. The experimental documentary tells the stories of the 1938 pecan shellers' strike in San Antonio and the 1973-87 civil rights and union campaign of black workers in Nacogdoches. The film was presented at the 2017 LAWCHA annual conference in Seattle. Preview screenings are now available. Projected release, January 2018.

We plan to create a related participatory website. Please let us know if you have source material or know participants in either struggle.

Anne BradenThis project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

the women on the bus

January 19, 2017at midnight, fifty-seven women met on a ranch outside Austin, Texas for a thirty-hour bus ride to the Women's March on Washington. They returned to Texas at midnight on January 22. An unlikely group, they were age 13 to 70; white, Latina, and black, CIS gendered and off the binary; rural and urban. Four were undocumented -- one had spent 10 months in detention.

They brought pillows, blankets, food, and clothing for 3 days. Several crocheted pink hats on the way. Most had never been to a mass demonstration. An informal video I made as one of these women.

Anne Braden: Southern Patriot
Anne Braden: Southern Patriot in partnership with Mimi Pickering and produced with Appalshop is finished. DVD's are available from Appalshop and California Newsreel. Clips screened at the historic 2010 US Social Forum in Detroit are included under "bio/speaking."

Separate website with listings of screenings and discussion.

Anne Braden: Southern Patriot is funded and supported in part by the City of Austin through the Cultural Arts Division believing an investment in the Arts is an investment in Austin's future. Visit Austin at

Austin Beloved Community, based on the ideas of Anne Braden, is on-line with a movement history map (27,346 hits), social justice animation, an organizational map, and current events calendar. The official launch party was May Day, 2014. More than 30 organizations and more than 50 Austin activists participate in the project. Also see the Austin Beloved Community Facebook page for recent information about Austin.

Chemical Valley on vimeo
The chemical spill and crisis in the Kanawha Valley has many echoes of events in the valley after Bhopal in the 1980s. If you want to view or share this film by Mimi Pickering and Anne Lewis, it is available on Vimeo in two parts. West Virginia Public Broadcasting has put Chemical Valley on their front page with a production still of Pickering and Lewis.

Mud Creek Clinic footage used on CBS News
CBS revisits the War on Poverty with footage from Anne Lewis' film in story titled Soldier in the War on Poverty says that the Fight is Not Over.

Corporate Crime Scene in West, Texas photo essay
Anne Lewis with photographer Patrick Bresnan published on the Rag Bog.

Morristown on Southern Spaces
Fran Ansley and Anne Lewis have published their first multi-media essay based on Morristown: in the air and sun. "Going South, Coming North: Migration and Union Organizing in Morristown, Tennessee” appears on Southern Spaces supported by the Robert W. Woodruff Library of Emory University. Frequently used at union and immigration workshops, recent screenings of Morristown: in the air and sun include the Southern Labor Studies Conference and the IBEW Hall in Lewistown, Maine. The trailer aired on GRIT tv with Laura Flanders as part of a program about the auto industry.

Cratis D. Williams and John S. Brown Service Award
2011 with Mimi Pickering. For a body of collaborative work that is "Intelligent, challenging, compassionate, sometimes subversive... ." For information about the award,

United States Artists Booth Mattsson fellow
Each year, United States Artists honors fifty of America's artists across eight disciplines. Meet the 2010 fellows. The Anne Braden Project is currently raising funds for archival footage. Please click for opportunities to support Anne's and other USA fellows' projects

University of Texas Regents' Teaching Award
Anne Lewis won a 2010 University of Texas Regents' Teaching Award for exceptional service and innovation for undergraduate students.
Her statement of teaching principles can be found here.

A Tender Promise: Education Story New Sample
A Tender Promise: Education Story (formerly named "High Stakes") received a City of Austin cultural contract to continue production of a documentary that looks at the public school education of Latino, African American, and working class children. We are visiting students who participated when we filmed their 5th grade class in 2004-5. They are now in high school. Please help us finish this documentary with support, contact information, and suggestions.
Click here for the latest sample.

in honor of public workers in Texas and across the country
To join in the struggle against the forces of reaction and work towards solidarity between the labor movement and the social movement, a trailer is screened from Justice in the Coalfields. Reactionary attitudes are explored in an interview at the National Right to Work Committee funded by the Koch Brothers among others. In the second clip, John L. Lewis testifies before Congress about worker health benefits. The Rag Blog published Anne Lewis: Workers Rights and the Fight Against Poverty. Please see video of the TSEU-CWA lobby day here.

Interview with A.T. Massey's Don Blankenship
We join other mining families in grieving for the coal  miners who needlessly lost their lives in Massey Energy's Upper Big Branch mine on April 6, 2010. We also feel outrage at the barbarism of A.T. Massey and Don Blankenship.
in loss and rage, "Mine War on Blackberry Creek" is streamed on this site. The Appalshop documentary is about the 1984 United Mine Workers of America strike against A.T. Massey, the world's fourth largest coal company. It includes CEO Don Blankenship who recently called federal mine safety regulation and global warming "silly," scabs, and thugs. Richard A. Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO, expresses union values as well as the brave men and women who stand up to Massey. The film concludes with music by Rocky Peck, never hired back and killed in a dog hole mine. A remastered DVD is available. See "Mine War on Blackberry Creek," the 30-minute 1986 documentary by Anne Lewis
The Rag Blog published "The Porcine Man: Don Blankenship and the Sordid History of A.T. Massey."

Morgan Sexton on Folkstreams
A documentary about the National Heritage Award banjo player, Morgan Sexton is featured on Folkstreams along with transcript and filmmaker notes. Click here for the film page.

a Strike and an Uprising (in Texas)

Morristown: in the air and sun

Anne Braden at the microphone
Anne Braden: Southern Patriot

child with test scan sheet superimposed
A Tender Promise: Eucation Story

women in bulldozer
Justice in the Coalfields

women in bulldozer
Appalachia Rising